Individual Books

The Universes of Stephen Goldin
Describing Stephen Goldin's books and series , including samples of the books.
The Eternityt Brigade
Classic military science fiction
A comic novel of hope and blasphemy
Into the Out
Teenagers kidnapped for a wild ride on an alien spaceship
Scavenger Hunt
A race across the galaxy to collect strange treasure
Assault on the Gods
A starship captain and her crew must defeat the gods of an alien planet
A World Called Solitude
Stranded alone on an alien world for 10 years
Alien Murders
A literary broker sets out to solve the murders of aliens through virtual reality
Quiet Post
A young woman takes an assignment on a world where anything can happen, and often does
And Not Make Dreams Your Master
A madman takes over the dreams of thousands of people, and another dreamer must find a way to stop him
Ghosts, Girls, ^ Other Phantasms
A collection of Stephen Goldin's short fiction
Crossroads of the Galaxy
A science fiction adventure in the tradition of the Heinlein juveniles
Angel in Black
Fantasy stories of international adventure
An alien visiting Earth through astral projection witnesses a murder--but how can he tell people about it?
A motorcade travels through post-apocalyptic United States
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Series Books

The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy
Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor
A female space mercenary who's been living among aliens for years must now start learning again what it means to be human
Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates
Life in an alien monastery is neither quiet nor restful when Jade Darcy comes for a visit
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A telepathic spy must flee from his own side to escape termination
The children of telepaths must flee their home to escape absorption by a group mind
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The Star Rooks
Painting the Roses Red
A detective tries to outwit a family of interstellar swindlers
The Devil Behind The Leaves
Art theft and interstellar chicanery bedevil a detective who tangles with a family of swindlers
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The Parsina Saga
The Complete Parsina Saga
All 4 volumes of the saga compiled into a single ebook collection
Shrine of the Desert Mage
Volume I of the Arabian Nights-style Parsina Saga
The Storyteller and the Jann
Volume II of the Arabian Nights-style Parsina Saga
Crystals of Air and Water
Volume III of the Arabian Nights-style Parsina Saga
Treachery of the Demon King
Volume IV of the Arabian Nights-style Parsina Saga
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Agents of the Imperial Special Investigation Service
Tsar Wars
Book 1 if the Agents of ISIS
Treacherous Moon
Book 2 of the Agents of ISIS
Robot Mountain
Bpok 3 of the Agents of ISIS
Sanctuary Planet
Book 4 of the Agents of ISIS
Stellar Revolution
Book 5 of the Agents of ISIS
Purgatory Plot
Bppk 6 of the Agents of ISIS
Traitors' World
Bpok 7 of the Agents of ISIS
Counterfeit Stars
Book 8 of the Agents of ISIS
Outworld Invaders
Book 9 of the Agents of ISIS
Galactic Collapse
Book 10 of the Agents of ISIS
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Treacherous Moon

Book 2 of the Agents of ISIS

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